Cropping an image in Illustrator

How do you crop an image in Illustrator? You don’t have to crop the image in Photoshop or Lightroom before you place it in your Illustrator file. There are a few different ways to crop in Illustrator but these two new videos give you some best practices for cropping. In one, Adobe’s Erica Larson shows how to crop with an opacity mask and in the other she shows you how to crop with a clipping mask:

New Quick Start Guide for Photoshop Touch

Adobe has created something very handy for those of you who are trying to get up and running with Photoshop Touch. Their new Photoshop Touch Quick Start Guide gives a quick overview of the UI, toolbar, selections, and layers. Its just enough to get you started quickly. It is also a very handy reference for those of us who may have forgotten how to use a certain tool or feature. Give it a try!

Adobe Carousel for iPhone, iPad, and Mac launches today!

Adobe Carousel, Adobe’s new app for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac launched today.  Imagine being able to see your entire digital photo library anytime you want on any of your digital devices. Carousel allows you to view and edit your photos on your iPhone, iPad and your Mac. It syncs any changes or edits you make automatically so the images will look the same no matter which device you are using. Here are some links to learn more about it:

Browse all of your photos on iPhone, iPad, and your Mac

Adobe just announced a new product for anyone who loves photos called Adobe Carousel. If you have one set of photos on your iPhone, and another set on your Mac, and still another set on your iPad, now you can unite them into one “carousel” that is accessible from any of those devices. Want to learn more about it? Here are some links to videos and FAQs that will tell you all about this amazing new product.

Getting started with digital imaging?

If you want to understand some of the basic concepts behind digital photography and editing digital images, you should check out these Key Concepts pages. Each one is a very quick read. I highly recommend taking a peek before you dive into learning how to use any of these programs. Here is the list of Key Concepts for Photoshop and Lightroom:

Special effects


Here is the list of Key Concepts for Photoshop Elements 9:

Special effects


Learning for iPhone, Android, or WinMobile phones

Are you trying to learn how to use on your mobile device? There are some handy videos and Help resources to get you up to speed quickly. For regularly updated information, check out:

FAQ’s for each mobile platform can be found here:

Want video tutorials? Check out Learn on Adobe TV–it has loads of videos.

Digital imaging key concepts and terms


Are you just starting out with digital imaging? If you’re a beginner with digital photo-editing, you’ll need to understand some basic concepts. This isn’t always as easy as it should be. What if the beginner tutorial contains words or ideas that you haven’t learned yet? Are you wondering things like:

  • What is a “color cast”?
  • What’s the difference between “resize” and “resample”?
  • What does “sepia tone” mean?

If you want to learn about some of these basic ideas, Adobe is testing a new idea: Illustrated Key Concepts. Each page contains a definition of the basic concept, an illustration of the concept, related terms, and a list of related tools in Photoshop Elements. Once you’ve learned what a sepia tone image is, you can click on the tool name and learn how to create a sepia tone image using Photoshop Elements.

The pages also contain lots of other “related terms” to help people find the right page. Sometimes you may not know the correct term for something. These related terms are meant to help searchers get close. So, for example, if you wanted to find info on creating sepia toned images but you searched for “antique” photos, you could land on Sepia Tone page anyway.

Check out the Key Concepts Index page to see the full list with links and comments. If you find this helpful or have suggestions, leave us a comment. Here are the Key Concepts:

    Special effects


      Getting started videos for Photoshop Elements 7


      Are you just learning to use Photoshop Elements 7? This set of videos should help you get started.

      These Getting Started videos were created by Adobe is offering this set of videos for free to help users get oriented to the software. For the complete set of videos, see the full title, “Photoshop Elements for Windows Essential Training” by Jan Kabili.

      In addition to the Getting Started videos, Adobe is also offering a set of intermediate tutorials and videos to further your learning. I highly recommend working your way through the Getting Started videos before you tackle the “Learn More” set of tutorials.

      Photoshop CS4 online Help is live (so is Bridge CS4 Help)

      Adobe has just posted Photoshop CS4 and Bridge CS4 Help on the web. They still have some work to do and bugs to fix, but I thought you might like to take an early peek.

      You can read an overview of the new Photoshop features or an overivew of what’s new in Bridge CS4.

      Or, if you want to skip straight to the good stuff in Photoshop, read about the new Adjustments panel, masking layers, and how to make local adjustments in Camera Raw.

      For Bridge, read about the new Review mode, about creating web galleries with the Adobe Output Module, and saving searches as Smart Collections.

      Note that links to video tutorials and to some other Help documents are not functional yet, and commenting isn’t turned on. This will be fixed when CS4 ships. Search works now, and the quality of the results should improve as these new pages are crawled by Google.

      TIP: Download the PDF from the upper-right corner of any Help page on the web. The PDF is great for when you’re offline or want to print a version of Help.

      And finally, here is more info about the new Adobe Community Help system, in general.