Find the right tutorial faster with Adobe’s new Search

Search-2Adobe’s learning search has not been the greatest. We’ve wanted to fix it for a really long time and we’re really excited about our new redesign of tutorial search.

There are almost 1000 Creative Cloud app tutorials on, but they’re often too hard to find. This summer, the Learn team built a totally new tutorial search experience to help you get what you need faster. It just went live yesterday.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Search is now available on every tutorial page.
  • Search results are totally redesigned to help you decide which tutorial works the best for you. On the results page you’ll find a whole new look.
  • Each search result includes:
    • tutorial description
    • tutorial type:  video, text, hands-on, game
    • duration:  length of the tutorial or time to complete a hands-on project
    • apps covered
    • user level

Take a look:

SearchTry it out for yourself!

11 thoughts on “Find the right tutorial faster with Adobe’s new Search

  1. I have been trying on several sites for someone to anwer this request.Several years, maybe 10, Brian Maffett did a series of VHS tutorials on Affter Effects. It was a very informative package of which I bought.

    In one of the lessions was an airplane that you could build in 3D.

    I would like to purchase this series if it is available on DVD.
    Please contact me at if you can direct me where to purchase this product.

    Thank You

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