New Photoshop Touch interface tour video

Check out this new video tour of Photoshop Touch by Adobe intern, Sharon Huang. In just about 3 minutes you’ll get an introduction to tools and features as well as a primer on selections and layers. Its everything you need to know to get started creating a photo collage in Photoshop Touch.

3 thoughts on “New Photoshop Touch interface tour video

  1. Using ps touch on the new ipad

    I like very much that app, only i have 2 different quest:

    1. Where is the move tool? To move in an image?

    2. If i am having 2 layers with 2 different images on it, i want to have one smaller….?
    If I want to move one, so it is at the right place to blend, or to show the right part of the picture through the glasses (that i erase, and i want to have something precise to show in the glasses) on the other layer

    I could understand pretty much the rest! And i like your app…
    Easy, quick, ..but those 2 thing bugs me…



    • Hi Odette,
      You’ll find the Move tool in Photoshop Touch up in the top menu bar. It is a crossed arrow symbol. Simply tap on it and you can move, rotate, or scale the layer.

      I hope that helps,

  2. Im new to this program. So im clueless on how to cut an image and place it to another picture. Example cut one persons head o. And put I on another body. Thanks

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