Tutorial list for Adobe products

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of Adobe tutorials that you could scan through quickly? Wish you didn’t have to wade through search results full of irrelevant content? What you need is a comprehensive tutorial list! Adobe has created just the list for you. They’ve got lists of all the tutorials (both video and text) that live on Adobe.com for 11 different products. The lists contain tutorials for multiple versions of the products, with the most recent tutorials on the top. You can sign up for an RSS feed to find out when new tutorials are added to the list.

Check out these lists for some really great tutorials (including CS5):

5 thoughts on “Tutorial list for Adobe products

  1. I have InDesign CS4 on my MacBook Pro but I don’t know how to even start using it. I am a very old user of Pagemaker (which I LOVED) but InDesign has me baffled. Is there a way to learn this monster from the beginning?

  2. Thanks just commented on other page look for something just like this – not the easiest to find though. If the list came straight up on the search page it would be handy 🙂

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