Getting Started with Lightroom 2.0

Are you trying to learn how to use your new copy of Lightroom 2.0? Adobe has posted a set of video tutorials to help you do just that. There’s something for everyone here. For an excellent set on how to get started in Lightroom 2.0, look at Matt Kloskowski’s set of 15 video tutorials. If you’ve just upgraded from Lightroom 1.0, check out Julianne Kost’s set of “What’s New in Lightroom 2.0?”. You can find all the videos on the “Getting Started with Lightroom 2.0” page on

7 thoughts on “Getting Started with Lightroom 2.0

  1. I am needing to know that while I’ve already installed LR 2.0, LR 1.3 is still istalled on my PC. How can I safely uninstalled LR 1.3 without disrubting features already installed in LR 2.0. Patty

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