Photoshop shortcuts and PDF advice

Photoshop Shortcuts
Did you know that there are more than 100 keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop? I’m not sure what the exact count is but it is an overwhelming amount. This fact has inspired my friend Deke McClelland to produce a short video called, “101 Photoshop Tips in 5 minutes.” He plays fast and loose with the math—he shows more than 101 shortcuts and the video is actually 8:33 minutes long—but who cares? It’s fun and funny, even if the music is truly awful (sorry Deke). I’ll bet you learn at least one new keyboard shortcut when you watch this.

Stupid PDFs
For more learning fun from some other funny guys, check out, “Stop Stupid PDF Syndrome.” Tim Cole and Rufus Deuchler, both InDesign experts and evangelists at Adobe, have created a “public service announcement” style video to teach people how NOT to create pdfs. It’s an excellent and entertaining way to teach people how to avoid creating pdf files that are device-dependent. These files result in lower quality output and can create serious color management problems. For more InDesign insight and tips, check out Tim’s InDesign blog.

7 thoughts on “Photoshop shortcuts and PDF advice

  1. I want to send by email a pdf that will open automatically.
    I designed the art, have adobe acrobat professional 7.0 created the pdf file but dont know how to do the part that when you open the email the attachment will open, like the promos people send, I dont want the client to have to open the attachment

    Please reply I need help : (

  2. Hi Aimee,
    having a PDF open automaticaly in an email would defeat security settings. The Client *will* have to open the attachment manually, after deciding that he/she actually wants to open it.
    Imagine an executable file launching from an email message without agreeing to it… how safe would that feel? 😉

  3. I have created a form that has fill in lines. I want to make the lines interactive and can’t figure out how to accomplish.
    Ultimately, I just want a fill and print form. Any ideas?

  4. Please try to make ur questions clear that means if you send it with attachement it means it is like a picture or a workd application paper so it will be opend like else befor either like a picture or ,,,,,,,,

  5. Hi

    I’m trying to create a Print Page button in Acrobat, i’ve tried adding a simple bit of Javascript to a custom button but no joy…

    I need help.

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