Russell Brown wins an Emmy

Congratulations to my longtime friend Russell Preston Brown for winning an Emmy for his instructional videos! I’m so proud of him! If you haven’t seen his videos yet, tune in to Adobe TV to watch some of them. For example, to learn about the 3D tools in Photoshop CS3, watch his 3-D Whales Experiment. Is he wacky? Yes. Is he goofy? Yes. Will you learn from him? Absolutely, yes. Russell makes it fun to learn how to do things in Photoshop. Go ahead, try it. So what if you don’t want to make a 3-D whale—you’ll still learn how to use the tools—and isn’t that the point? Russell has even more tutorials on the X-Train site. There are some for free and some you’ll have to pay for.

For other great instructional videos, check out the Adobe Video Workshop. You can learn from Russell about Animating Layer Properties, Cloning Content Across Multiple Frames, and Working with Video Layers in Photoshop CS3. Great job, Dr. Brown!

2 thoughts on “Russell Brown wins an Emmy

  1. it’s about time the brilliant man of many hairstyles or shall I say personas, gets his due as a brilliant technical educator. His special brand of alchemy — wacky fun and technical information is a sure fire recipe for creative success and finally the Academy noticed. (is there an academy for Emmys?)

  2. It is essential to combine comedy with information when teaching others. My students don’t remember a thing if it is not done in such a manner………….even if it is just Windows, Photoshop, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

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