Lightroom 2.0 beta launches

Lightroom 2.0 beta launches
Are you ready for the next generation of Lightroom? Here it comes! How do you get it? Go to AdobeLabs.

Who is eligible for the Lightroom 2.0 beta? All Lightroom 1.0 customers. Lightroom 1.0 customers can download and install Lightroom 2.0 beta for use throughout the beta program. What about customers new to Lightroom? Anyone can download the Lightroom 2.0 beta and try it for 30 days. And here’s something that you rarely get with beta software: video tutorials! will have Lightroom 2.0 beta video tutorials so you can learn how to use the new features.

You can get a list of the new features on the Lightroom team blog.

12 thoughts on “Lightroom 2.0 beta launches

  1. Will the new version 2.0 be able to open catalogs that I created with older version of lightroom? I noticed that the Beta version cannot upgrade catalogs from earlier versions.

  2. I have a question about the retouch/clone/healing tool…. I started with Photoshop 4.0 – now up to CS3 – what baffles me about LR is – why in the world would this tool set (mentioned above) be changed completely? These tools are cumbersome at best – so much so – I am regretting that I purchased the program – it would have been nice if the developers would have stayed what works, rather than introduce tools that create more confusion, less accurate… that is just silly – I would have really liked to be able to do all of my post editing photography work within one application – as stated – it’s a program that is geared for the photographer – I don’t see it – because now I will have to bounce between applications for post editing workflow – making more work rather than less? I feel Adobe should and could have done much better – by using the key tools from CS3 – then incorporating them into LR so that when a photographer is batch editing image files – he/she can retouch on the fly within the same program. I guess for those who do not, or never have used photoshop – it’s not as much of a big deal, but what about all of the prior PS users? Anyone?

  3. Is this new version backwards compatible with version 1.0? I have heard that it will present problems, and that the problems are even more significant when trying to open version 2.0 files with version 1.0.

  4. Hi, having just downloaded the Beta version and having used Lightroom since its inception, I must say that I am pleased with the speed increase when using the batch correction “synch” tool, and I found no problems importing images which had been used in 1.4, However, although I can see a use for some of the retouching tools I must agree with another reviewer why make them different from CS3 or any other Adobe Photoshop version, the spot removal tool is just another version of the clone tool, why make it different, it is not as intuative as CS3 etc, as a professional photographer I only ever use Lightroom as a conversion tool, taking my files from RAW to Tiffs making any corrections (exposure, white balance etc) first, the only other tool I use is the crop tool which I use to straighten horizons with.
    Other than that, it is then off to Photoshop to change the look of my photographs, most of my work is wedding photography and most of the time, brides want perfection not reallity, this is where Photoshop comes in to its own.
    So come on guys, either make this a stand alone program, the best of its kind which we just use to adjust photographic settings with basic editing tools, or, combine it with CS3 and give us a tool that does all in one.
    Personally I though 1.4 was pretty much perfect, given that I dont use many of the tools.
    Keep up the good work, but Focus on what people want, not what you think they should have.
    Best Regards

    James Emery

  5. Hello everyone.
    I use both Aperture and Lightroom and for some reason I prefer Lightroom.

    This beta appears to be a big improvement and while I do see the argument for not having the same toolsets in both LR and Photoshop I do believe that many people would find LR sufficient for their needs and therefore they would appreciate having some options that might normally be only available in Photoshop.

    I like some others here subscribe to and consider their service to be well worthwhile.


  6. I agree, LR has became more work and more confusing (tools).

    I thought it was suppose to be the other way round, no ?

    “Focus on what people want, NOT what you think they should have!”

    Make LR tools/shortcuts same as other CS3 apps – it only makes sense.


    P.S. I hate being ‘pushed’ to join a membership for some on-line video tutorials on LR, I really don’t want. – Just because you cannot make the effort to place similar video tutorials for FREE on-line. (just like

  7. I am new to Lightroom and just finished by 30 day trail for the beta Lightroom 2.0.

    Could someone invite me to continue using the beta version until Lightroom 2.0 releases in Oct?


  8. I am am in my 30 day trial of Lightroom beta 2.0. Could someone invite me to continue throughout the beta availability?

    Best Regards,


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