Funny Photoshop; Photoshop Express

Photo by Charlie Cohen

Funny Photoshop Tutorials
Can you learn while laughing? Of course! Humor is a very effective teaching tool, and the folks at know it. If you aren’t offended by a bit of crass humor and foul language, you can learn some good stuff from “Donnie Hoyle” in his “You Suck at Photoshop” series of videos. I highly recommend them.

Photoshop Express launches
Want to do some quick online editing and share your photos? Check out Photoshop Express. You certainly don’t have all the functionality that you get in Photoshop, but it is pretty handy for posting snapshots for friends and family. Have a peek at two different albums that I created. I processed the images in Lightroom and then exported them as jpgs before uploading them to Photoshop Express. To download a free chapter of a new book on Photoshop Express, go to the Peachpit Press site. You can also find out what Matt Kloskowski’s favorite Photoshop Express features are. If you want to learn from videos, NAPP has 19 video tutorials to help you learn to use Photoshop Express.

3 thoughts on “Funny Photoshop; Photoshop Express

  1. I agree, humor is really an effective teaching tool! When we’re having fun, things are really easier to learn! And btw, thc for the tutorials! xD

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