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Finally! A project I’ve been working on for several months is live and ready for you to look at. The Learning Resources group at Adobe has been working on several different experiments pertaining to the idea of community help. The Lightroom LiveDocs Help is one of those experiments. It has been converted to a wiki to allow users to not only comment, but to add content as well. The wiki is moderated by experts from both outside, and inside Adobe. You’ll find all the basic Help pages along with the “Learn More” pages. The Learn More pages are aggregated lists of great tutorials, videos, and other resources for Lightroom users and digital photographers. All the list items have been vetted by our experts. I hope you find it useful.

28 thoughts on “New Lightroom Help available

  1. Great job! I think in time this will become an excellent resource.

    While I’m very familiar with the wiki concept, I think a lot of users will need some help figuring how to contribute. For example, I subscribed to the RSS feed and got a link to the page:

    But that doesn’t fall w/in the table-of-contents at the left, so I’m having trouble figuring how else I could have found that article. I also don’t seem to be able to comment on it, where I can on the main pages.

    I actually have some (old) experience with Confluence, the wiki software used, so I congratulate you on choosing an excellent platform for this experiment.

    Best of luck,


    p.s. You can contact me via email with responses to this, if you like.

  2. I’ve imported a number of files and I now want to rename the folders.

    An example of file folder name is: 2007_10_01. These are Canon downloads and I have about 20 of them imported into Lightroom in that format. I have read information on renaming individual image files and I also want to do that.

    My main question is how to rename a file folder like “2007_10_01” without messing up Lightroom. I know I could do it in Windows Explorer, but then how would Lightroom know where the files are?

    Thank you.

    Alice Hamilton

  3. Re my question. I’ve found if I rename in Explorer & click old file name in LR Library it will open browse window and clicking on folder with new name will change folder name as seen in Library.

  4. Alice,
    I asked our digital photography evangelist, Julieanne Kost, to reply to your question. Here is the steps she recommends:

    “Just have them customer right mouse click on the folder name (in the
    Library) and choose “Rename”. Voila – Edit away.”

    I hope this helps.

  5. Upon import/copy as dng, I renamed. Edited, adjusted, sought to export renaming to add a new sequence number in front of filename. Several attempts to export yields a window that 202 files failed to export. The 17 of the 210 that DID export are random files throughout the full set – not in sequence – and I can determine no common characteristic among them. Thanks, in advance, for any help to resolve.
    Eager to export,

  6. Huh – regarding my ‘failed to export’ problem: I noticed the 202 files were in a Library folder entitled ‘Error Images’ and couldn’t find a resource to define that. But tho’t it might be related to my re-naming. So I returned to the full collection in LR and renamed again – then attempted export, renaming to add sequence # to filename (as before) and it exported beautifully.
    The images still demonstrate as Error Images in Library folder, but all appears normal in the folders in which Raw and Exported Jpgs reside, so I’m going to relax now.
    Would still enjoy advice on ‘Error Images’ and how to resolve and clear that folder.
    Thanks for this venue, Laura

  7. Next time someone’s got an idle five minutes (joke!) how about upgrading the backup system for lightroom? It’s nice to have a backup, but when you’ve lost a picture that might be on any one of several hundred DVDs it gets something of a pain to find. Furthermore, with the way the vista system work before long you find yourself with backups of backups and so on ad infinitum, so a means of tidying up backups would be really useful.

    In other words – help – I’m drowning!

  8. Where are the VIDEO TUTORIALS for Adobe Lightroom? Please provide exact link.

    If there aren’t any video tutorials, KINDLy provide some as these would be the best way to learn.

    I just installed Lightroom and it is DEFINITELY ***NOT*** user friendly or intuitive. Just trying to import pictures is extremely confusing….

    Please point me to videos… as it seems this program has the same fate as all other adobe products…notoriously confusing, terms that do not clarify their meaning and difficult to learn. I bought this to help ease my workflow and that is not what is happening…YET.

    Also, why can’t Adobe provide a manual with EACH software program to show users the way???
    Online HELP systems are not the same nor very good at searching unless you alreaady KNOW the proper term…

    Visuals are best for learning especially software.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Please HELP by providing VIDEO TRAINING

  9. I’ve been working a few months with Lightroom, and now I have the sudden problem:
    can’t open pictures, some I can, but others not. can’t export them either! what to do?? can anybody advise?
    some pictures i can open, (develop them, export them) others I can’t. no idea why….

  10. Hi everyone …Thanks for all the info …it’s great. I’m only new with Lightroom , i’ve been using only photoshop all this years . But …better ways …I’ll be back here for more info ..cheers

  11. After importing picures from my 4GB compact flash I get a message that says “unknown error occured”.The images remain in the Library,but when I try to print them I cannot. Can you help me with this. This problem also shows up if I use a different compact flash.I can download from my compact flash to PictureProject,export the picture to Lightroom as a tiff file and print from that.

  12. I corrected many images in LR from an external HD. Of course, I had to IMPORT selected images to LR.

    The next day I turned on the external HD, opened LR, the color correction is there but now each image is not locate able. All that work put in…I wanted to cry.

    I am very afraid to move the RAW file around, but I needed to. Any advice for me?. I’d greatly appreciated.

  13. Just starting with Lightroom. What does it mean in Library module, that I have over 500 missing files? Secondly, why are many of my 2008 folders in red print? Where do I go for answers?Currently, I am depending on Scott Kelby, ” The Lightroom Book”. Need assistance. Thanks Pete

  14. I assist another photographer at a wedding.I take my cards download on my machine to edit in lightroom.He on his with LR.I then bring my cards to load on his machine(its his wedding) the next day.

    So my question is after we load my cards with all(nothing edited) of my images on his machine combined with his images from the wedding.

    Is there a way to combine what I have done in LR (edits,color correct,ect)with what he has done?
    We each sort by time captured.
    If so how?


  15. I have 2 internal drives. I ran out of room on my primary internal drive, and put new photographs (and moved a few more) for the same project on the secondary drive.

    I could not choose to browse the second drive for lightroom unless I made the second drive a distinct catalogue (I am sure this is a mistake on my part).

    My questions are:

    1) how do I see the second drive on the left side panel without having to log out of lightroom and log back in

    2) Can I have photos from one project spread over two drives, yet see them all at the same time in the library mode?

    3) when I moved photos to the secondary drive, i lost all the metadata. What did I do wrong?

    Thank you,

  16. Hey there Allan, David, Peter, Ninescu, et al,
    You are all asking really good questions. If anyone reading this blog wants to comment on those questions that is fine. But if you really want to get the answers, this isn’t the best place to do it. The best place would be on the forums. I highly recommend that you copy and paste your questions into a post for the Lightroom forum.

    Thanks for reading my blog. This blog is really meant to expose learning materials and resources, not to do tech support. I do like to read the questions so I can see what kinds of things people are trying to learn. But I don’t want you to get your hopes up that I will be answering tech support questions here.


  17. Hello, love the site and the help it provides. I have recently started using lighroom and love using it.
    I have some larger camera files though and a mac G4 which is a touch slower.
    I was wondering if there is a feature in lightroom which lets you edit a smaller version of the raw file. I notice that it sometimes takes a while for the rendering of the full image.
    Since my camera takes both Raw and jpg simultaneously; would there be the option to develop the raw in a smaller version/preview version (thus decreasing rendering time) and then when all final adjustments are done – it converts the final full sized Raw image?

  18. 2 questions:
    Lost some images :Hard drive issues
    I see them in lightroom
    yes I know they are a copy of what WAS.
    Images on drive Completly gone.
    Is there any way at all to do anything with what I see in lightroom ….any possible way to print ANYTHING what so ever?

    I shoot for another photographer who has lightroom his Mac…I have a PC.
    We both photograph the same event.
    If I give him my images to load on his computer along with his images.(He has both sets)
    I then load my images on mine.I do the edits,color balance,crop,ect. of my images.
    Is there a way to e-mail that info from my LR to him. that he can then sync or read in his LR with my changes to my images .
    Thanks, David J

  19. David,
    I asked some folks on the Lightroom team here at Adobe and here is what Tom Hogarty, the Lightroom product manager had to say:

    “Have his buddy import his catalog file.(.lrcat only) It should recognize that there are duplicate files and give options for updating the settings.”

    I hope this helps.


  20. alright
    so i recently had my hard drive stolen with all my pictures on it so basically everything is gone. i was wondering since i have been using lightroom is there a way to get the pictures off the system there even though they are just copies of the original>
    any help would be great thanks!

  21. Ok so I had a bunch of photo’s on my external hardrive, I had to unplug my computer to move it, and now when I have plugged back in my hardrive it shows 2 of the same drives. one with recent imports, and another with anything before the move. any ideas how to get them to sync back up?

  22. Question:

    Is there a setting to maintain camera picture style setting (when shooting in RAW), once files are imported to LR. When shooting in JPEG there’s no problem, but when shooting in RAW, LR eliminates all picture settings done on camera. I work with a Canon 1D MKII N. Please assist.

  23. Hello , Everytime I open a photo in lightroom 2 it opens AOL , it is driving me nuts , dows anyone know how to de-activate this?

    Thank you .

  24. So I am really new to the LIGHTROOM software; so new that I can not even get it to import one picture. I have read and reread all the tutorials n this and I always get the same result. “The following files were not imported. Could not copy file(s) to requested location.” This makes me want to scream. And there are no trouble shooting tips on this issue. Does ANYONE know what the problem is?

  25. Hi Gina,
    I’m sorry you are so frustrated. My blog isn’t the best place to find answers to this type of problem. I can make a few suggestions but you should really ask this question on the Lightroom Forum. The Lightroom community is a really strong and active one. There will be lots of people who can give you help there.

    In the meantime, my friend Anita wonders if:
    (a) your hard drive is full
    (b) you are trying to import to a read-only drive
    (c) you are trying to import CMYK or other unsupported file.

    Here’s the link to the Lightroom forum:


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