New Lightroom Resources


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been out of the country. (See one of the images I took on my trip to Romania and Austria at the top of this post.) While I was gone, Peachpit Press has been very busy on their new Photoshop Lightroom Resource Center. Here you will find some excellent tutorials, videos, and book excerpts from the likes of Martin Evening, Chris Orwig, Matt Kloskowski, and Scott Kelby to name just a few. For more information about keywording, check out Martin’s chapter, “Using Keyword Tags and Keywording Panels in Lightroom.” Chris Orwig has a nice article on a professional sharpening workflow for Lightroom. There is a lot more to look at here and it is being updated regularly so take a peek.

Another good resource worth mentioning is Julieanne Kost’s excellent set of video tutorials on the Project Photoshop Lightroom site. The videos are very well done. Julieanne speaks clearly and in detail—nothing is glossed over. This approach is especially valuable if you are a beginner Lightroom user.

I’m sorry it took so long for me to post this month. I’m working on a really exciting new version of Help for Lightroom that we will be revealing in January. Keep checking this blog for more news about that.

6 thoughts on “New Lightroom Resources

  1. What does it mean when Lightroom says file is off line or missing where do I find the missing file and get it back on line.

    Thank You


  2. hi,i know this problem ,this is due to change of the file name or place so what u must to do we will click a right click on the missed one which is colored by red and fined the new place u but it in or u must re type the old name of the folder i hope to work with u….

  3. When you get a message that a file is “off line or missing”, it means that when you transfered files to Lightroom, you did not copy the image to the harddrive.

    THis has happened to me when I have transfered from a card or from my portable hard drive. If I have erased the card or harddrive the image is gone forever and all that remains is the library reference image.

    From that point forward, I never erased anything until I was sure the image itself was transfer to the hard drive.

    You can use the search function but if the image is not on your hard drive or your back up drive, it won’t be found, sorry

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hi, why the hell is that one time it didn’t transfer the file to the harddrive, when it have done that in thousand cases?? And I got this error when I’m suppose to convert all the pictures taken of my newborn’s first week, this is f**ked up!!!

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