PDF forms: more tutorials


My previous post about creating Acrobat forms was very, very popular so I’ve decided to add another set of excellent tutorials for you to try. For starters, learn how to create forms automatically with Lori DiFurio’s, “Automating Form Field Creation.” To create a form from a Microsoft Word document, Lori shows you how in her tutorial, “Creating Basic Fillable Forms.” If you have created a form that requires calculations, look at Lori’s tutorial, “Adding Formatting and Calculations to PDF forms.” In this video tutorial she has created an order form that automatically calculates the price of whatever the user selects.

33 thoughts on “PDF forms: more tutorials

  1. I am looking for the “Adding Formatting and Calculations to PDF forms.” article and this link just keeps returning to this page. I have found the link to this article in a couple of different locations and am getting the same result from all of those locations.

  2. I’ve been told that there’s a way to allow my forms users to save the fields they fill out and email it manually. Is there a tutorial on how to do this? I can’t seem to find any documentation on this. I would like my users to be able to fill out the form completely, save the contents of the form in the document and attach it to an email they send me directly.

    Thanks much,

  3. I need to initiate the printing of a form with its data comming from a file. This all from the command line (Windows). Is this Possible?

  4. I need a clearer understanding of how to set up a form to send all submitted data to a folder on the same PC, or to a website. I also need to be able to save images of completed forms. Can this be done? I have Acrobat 6.0. Will 8.0 be more useful for these purposes?



  5. Hello, I’m trying to figure out in Adobe Profesional 8 If I can have a form with sets of fields that can hide or display on the click of a button. For instance, to input the users name, address, phone, etc they would click on a button called “Personal info” and a group of fields would appear on the form. Then they could close those fields by clicking the button again. Make sense?? Thanks, Rod

  6. I need a tutorial on exporting the form data to an excel spreadsheet. My intention is to create a regristration form for a convention. I expect to receive 600 applications from a website or hard copy returns.

  7. I have the same questions as James. I want to allow my forms users to save the fields they fill out and email it manually. I would like my users to be able to fill out the form completely, save the contents of the form in the document and attach it to an email they send me directly.

    I am using a mac and our clients are using Acrobat Reader 7 or higher. They need to be able to save the info. entered in the form fields directly and e-mail manually.

  8. Is it possible using Adobe Professional to take existing PDFs that don’t have enough margin for a footer and shrink the pages so that there is room to add a footer? We have the native files, but we’re hoping to find a less labor-intensive solution since we have so many pages in so many documents with so many graphics and text boxes that would each need to be moved to make room on each page.

  9. To James and Michaela.

    To enable users to save their data in a form, go to Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Acrobat Reader.

    Then SAVE the form.

    This was driving me crazy for weeks until I fond the answer hidden on Adobe.com.

  10. To Beny-

    Thank you so much. I too was going crazy trying to figure out the hidden answer. So simple now that one knows. Your post saved my sanity.

  11. I am creating a form using Adobe Designer and I want the form to have these two functions: first, radio button option, when the user select one option the information for that option appear and in the mean time the information for option A and B are hidden and only appear when one option is selected. Second function; I want to add “Add a Table” function when it is clicked then another page appear with more empty tables.

  12. Hi, mmy questtiion is, if you give me a handbook, of adobe premiere pro 2.0, i´m studdiing, and i intteresting learn more abouut your program, i don´t like for bussiness, justly for school, sorry for my english but i just start to learn yoour lenguage, thank you, i wait your answere,
    i practice wiith your programs in the high school, premiiere pro 2.0, iillustrator cs2, photoshop cs2, & inddesign cs2, & really i hope yoou can help me, bye

  13. Two problems:
    One:I need to build a form that will contain fields when selected will trigger some type of prompt or pop-up blurb to define what the user is selecting. Keep in mind this is using the browser not on the desk top.

    I’m thinking weblinks definitions may periodically change. However, I don’t want another PDF to open but a bubble or something like a htm to pop up like I’ve seen on webpages. This way I can update the form with changing a newly edited htm. I’m having a hard time finding any instructions on this.

    Two: Using the browser on the same document as above I want the user’s selection to trigger inserting additional pages. Is that possible or does it require java scripting?

  14. I have Adobe 6.0 but want to save a document with the bookmarks automaticaly opened when I open the file. Adobe 5.0 did that. Can I do that with Adobe 6?

  15. To benny:

    I’m using Acrobat 3D 7.0 and i want to enable usage rights in Acrobat reader but I didn’t quite understand your post. I Also used Adobe Designer to create forms.

    In the advanced menu in 3D i couldn’t find the “enable usage rights….” so is it somewhere else and i’m looking in the wrong place? it’s driving me mental and a google search has lead me to here!

  16. I have created a PDF that contains a “List” menu box. When “clicked”, the List opens like a “drop-down menu. That’s the good news…

    The bad news is– I’d like to have each item in the “List” link to a different page in the same Acrobat document Under “Actions” in the “List Box”‘s properties, I can only apply one action–this results in ALL items in the “List” linking to the same page…

    What am I missing? How can I apply a different action to each item in the “List Box” Form?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

  17. I have created a form that has been enabled for saving in Reader.

    Is it possible to add more pages to a form (the same page) from within Reader?

  18. I am distributing a form to be filled by some students, but I would like that they cannot fill and send the form again, after I received the filled form in Acrobat.com.

    How to limit the filling of a form to one time only?

  19. Helloeveryone, my issue is, im trying to import data from form the user fills in while using the desktop. this data will be used to fill in another form in a different window.

    Iunderstand that if the name is the same in the fields they will popuplate when the enter key or tab key is pressed, how do you get it to fill in the secondary form when its not combined with first form?


  20. To Jessica,

    My previous instructions were for Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.

    I don’t know about Acrobat 3D 7, from what I can find, Acrobat Pro 8 is the first version that allows you to make forms that permit the user to save the data in Acrobat Reader.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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