Printing from Lightroom

There was a comment on one of my earlier posts about having trouble getting a good quality print from Lightroom. Below is a list of my recommended tutorials on how to get a good print from Lightroom.

First, get a good overview of the Lightroom Print module:

Print Overview by Dave Cross

Output your photos by Matt Kloskowski

Now that you understand the basics of the Print Module, try these tutorials:

Lightroom’s Print Module and Color Management by Mikkel Aaland

PG Profiles in Lightroom by PixelGenius

For cool contact sheets watch Creative Printing by Matt Kloskowski

Finally, for anything print- or color management-related, look at the great learning resources available at the PixelGenius Tutorial page.

Happy Printing!

14 thoughts on “Printing from Lightroom

  1. I was wondering if anyone has come up with the changes necessary to print from Lightroom when running Leopard. I get an error message regarding the switch from either Library or Develop.


  2. Help! Upgraded to Leopard and now can’t switch to Print Module. ‘An error occurred when attempting to change modules.’ is the message.

    Love Lightroom but disappointed with compatibility.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Printing problem/inquiry

    I really, really like Lightroom and use it every day. However, it’s been a frustrating experience for me trying to set equal borders around images in the Print module. I often want to print two (or more) images on Super A3 paper. I would like to be able to position the images so that I can have an even border around them–on three sides at least–assuming I will trim the print to end separate the images into single photos. One can view the gutter and page bleed, but you can’t really see things with enough detail to position the images and be 100% certain to have equal white borders on 3 sides. It’s usually a matter of trial and error (wasting paper) and careful trimming afterwards. Even though Lightroom will display margins, gutters and bleed guides it’s really hard to utilize them if you are trying to be precise. There’s no way (that I know of) to zoom in and really nudge an image as you can in Photoshop for instance. It would be a huge help to either be able to zoom in on the image or have some information available that could provide detail measurements info of where the edge of an image is located in relation to the sides of the paper. You can position images to 2 decimal places (in inches) in terms of space BETWEEN images (or cell sizes for that matter) but you are still guessing how much distance there is between the edge of the image and the edge of the paper. The rulers are barely usable. In inch units the smallest increment is an eighth of an inch and evan that can barely be used accurately viewing it onscreen–it’s very crude. I’m surprised that others haven’t commented on this. Maybe there is some very obvious way to deal with this that is eluding me and is obvious to other users. If anybody has any advice or if they agree that it’s a problem I would appreciate your comments.


  4. Lightroom is suddenly printing a thin double border around all of my photos, but it’s always about 1/2 inch from the edge of the page, no matter how big the photo is on the page, so I know it’s not a stroke/outline on the photo…help please! it’s driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get rid of it!

  5. Is it possible to print different sized images on the one page? I’ve been exploring all the options in the Print Module and it seems that no matter what layout or template you use or design, the images must all be the same size. This is fine for some applictions but there are many others where I want for example, one large square image with two smaller square images to the side. I’ve watched several tutorials on the print module and there doesn’t seem to be any way of having different sizes on the one page. Have I missed something?

  6. Anyone figure out how to get rid of the unwanted thin black line when printing with photoshop … I have created a border, but this think black line also appears .. unsolicited.

  7. Okay, I have a question about printing in Lightroom.
    I can’t make the print center on the paper. (with white borders all around) There is always one edge wider than the other.
    I set the paper as “borderless”, set the cell size to what I want, the aspect is not locked to any specific size and it still always comes out off center.
    Any solutions?

  8. @keith

    Yes, simply don’t use “borderless” if you want margins.

    The borderless function will make the printer zoom in on the document, and it will likely never be consistent with your idea of the print.

    Turn off borderless printing, and use tha margin settings in Lightroom.

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