XML – I was afraid but now I get it


I’m at the CS3 Conference in Chicago right now and I just had to write about the session I attended this morning. It was a basic introduction to using XML and InDesign by James Maivald. It was excellent! I had to force myself to go to this session because there is something about acronyms like XML, HTML, and CSS that makes me go cross-eyed and running for the comfort of my sketchbook and pencils. The nice thing is that James is a designer and he presented the material from a designer’s point of view. He has just written a book about how to use XML and InDesign together. He’s also got a nice little website called Cooking with XML which has some good simple overviews and explanations. It also has a nifty definitions page for those of us who can’t keep our acronyms straight. His book looks to be an invaluable training resource for designers called, “A Designer’s Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML.” It looks like it will be published in just a few weeks by Peachpit Press.

Can’t wait for the book to be published for your XML info? Try watching this video on using XML with Dreamweaver. Or check out the tutorials and other XML information on the Adobe Design Center. Anne-Marie Concepción has an XML tutorial worth trying out even though it was written for InDesign CS2. Be not afraid designers, XML may be just the ticket for your workflow productivity!

9 thoughts on “XML – I was afraid but now I get it

  1. Photoshop – I am just getting into digital scrapbooking and have a Mac. I understand that Photoshop is coming out with a 6.0 version for the Mac. When is it being released? Do you need anyone to preview the program? Has someone developed a tutoirial for it that is applicable to scrapbooking?

    I am vert unterested in the Mav version of Photoshop. I hope you design more Mac products.


  2. Hey Faith,
    I asked our Photoshop Elements product manager, Mark Dahm, about the Mac version of Photoshop Elements. You said Photoshop in your post but I think you meant Elements, right? Here’s what he had to say:
    “When we announced the Windows version, we stated that the Mac version would be shipping in early 2008; that continues to be the case.”

    As for scrapbook tutorials, I don’t know much about that but there is a cool video about a very talented scrapbooker on Adobe’s Idea Gallery page.

  3. Go through the advanced InDesign CS3 tutorials at lynda.com. There’s a whole chapter of videos on importing and exporting XML and managing document structure. I found it very clear and helpful.

  4. oops, comments disappear:

    Seems to me there is an error on page 7: the closing should be “” and NOT “”

    (‘artist’, not ‘composer’)

  5. My name is Jerry Pellegrino and I am working with MOGO-Media, formerly known as Barrycon. The CS3 conference you mention above was put on by Barrycon, and the same line of conferences and seminars is now being produced under Mogo-Media.com Check out the site for information on the upcoming CS4 seminars and Dreamweaver/CSS seminars.

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