What would YOU put in a Moleskine?



Ever heard of a Moleskine? No—it’s not made from a mole. It’s a pocket-sized notebook that artists, writers, and other creative travelers used to use to make sketches, take notes, or jot down ideas. The books went out of production many years ago but a small Italian publisher began to produce them again in 1998. At this point you are probably asking yourself why a designer from Adobe Systems would be writing about a blank paper book (instead of something digital) in her blog. Two reasons:

1. Inspiration! The Moleskine folks have put on an exhibition of notebooks by 70 different artists, photographers, designers, and architects. Of the ones I looked at, I particularly liked the books by author and artist Dave Eggers, photographers Douglas Kirkland, and Mary-Ellen Mark, graphic designer Paula Scher, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, illustrator Paul Davis, and icon designer Egon Låstad.

2. To remind myself (and other creatives) that we need to keep sketching and writing—it helps keep our creative juices flowing! It also exercises our creative fingers, eyes, and brains. Drawing what you see forces you to really look at things in different ways. This is always a good thing for creative professionals.

P.S. If you have some really great artwork that you’d like to show in our Gallery on Adobe Design Center, let us know about it here.

4 thoughts on “What would YOU put in a Moleskine?

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  2. This is a great post Luanne! I liked all of them, and esp. found Paul Davis’s moleskine very inspiring.
    I’ve been looking for a ms sketchbook with hotpressed watercolor paper for pen and ink drawings with washes, when I came across this post—it shows how to rebind your moleskine with large size artist papers of your choice, folded into signatures.
    I’m really psyched to work on this non-digital project for the holidays!

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