Designing forms with Acrobat


Many designers need to create forms for their clients—not that exciting, but it pays the bills! The Adobe Design Center gets lots of requests for information on how to do this. There are some good tutorials on Design Center that teach you different aspects of making forms. To learn about using buttons in your form, check out “Add function to PDF forms with buttons”. Figure out how to add security to your form by watching Brian Wood’s video, “Adding security to forms.” For a more in-depth lesson on creating forms, I recommend spending about an hour watching the OnDemand seminar called, “Adobe Acrobat Forms for the Legal Community.” Don’t get put off by the word “legal” in the title. This e-seminar goes into detail on basic form creation. If you are designing an order form, an application, any type of business form, you can learn a lot from this tutorial. It’s an e-seminar which means it was an online lesson recorded live in Acrobat Connect. You get sound, visuals, video, and you get to see the questions that other students typed into the Chat module. There are other seminars for designers and photographers on Adobe’s OnDemand list that are worth checking out. Be aware that they typically take about an hour or so to watch. Finally, if you want a good overall tutorial on creating forms in Acrobat 8 Professional, look at Donna Baker’s tutorial on the Adobe Acrobat User Community site.

4 thoughts on “Designing forms with Acrobat

  1. Funny, I was really just looking on the blog folllwing it for contact tinfo to find the “future request form” to make a plea on this very matter. Rather than developing the Acrobat feature (limited in capability), why doesn’t Adobe power up the Source App- Indesign for the sake of workflow. Anybody ever create just ONE version of an acrobat document? How many times would you want to generate all those form fields all over, or replace the document behind it?

  2. I’ve been trying to find an answer on whether it is possible to add style to the form fields and how to do it, but I’ve been unsuccessful. The standard form fields are white/gray and generally unattractive. I know that there is a way to set up Acrobat to detect form fields in the native files and automatically set them up for you, so there’s a possibility we could actually design the form fields to look the way we want in Illustrator, but I’m afraid that when Acrobat detects them, it will just change them right over to the standard white/gray, and all our form field design work will be lost. Can anyone help me?


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