Color correcting in Lightroom

Do your landscape photos have the blues? Many of mine do. I was recently on the island of Kauai and visited the beautiful Waimea Canyon. I took several shots there and was disappointed when I came back to see how blue and misty the images looked. That’s not how the canyon looked to me that day!

This often happens when I shoot images that span vast spaces. I suppose it’s a combination of the atmosphere and my camera’s tendency to produce slightly bluish images. I’ll bet you there is someone out there who can tell me the technical reasons for why this occurs in my digital images. But what can you do when this happens? What I do is turn to Lightroom. First, I watched George Jardine’s excellent video on Basic Color Correction, and then proceeded to color correct my image. Look at the before and after images below. The “After” image looks like I remember Waimea Canyon looking—vibrant greens, bright red Kauai dirt, crisp white ribbons of water.

One of the tools I used to correct this image was the Vibrance slider. For a great little tutorial on how to use this tool, see Matt Kloskowski’s video, “Adjust an image’s color using the Vibrance slider.”


6 thoughts on “Color correcting in Lightroom

  1. Not sure what to choose when clicking on your link for ” Basic Color Correction” It takes me to a list of podcasts that in no way reflect the link name…Can you please let us know which one to pick…

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Sorry MTF. Scroll down the list till you find, “20070614 Tutorial Podcast – Basic Color Correction” and click on that. In September we should have this tutorial up on Design Center. It will be an easier linking experience at that time. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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