Table design workflow with InDesign and Acrobat

In Ted Padova’s Acrobat Community Blog entry called, “Working with tables”, Ted details an effective workflow for those designers who create forms for their clients. Starting in Excel, he moves you to InDesign CS3 and then into Acrobat 8. He discusses how to use some of the great new features in InDesign CS3 to create and modify forms and tables. One of my favorite InDesign features for designing tables is the ability to modify the Excel file data from within InDesign. Just double-click on the xls file in the Links palette and you can edit the data. Once you save the file, it will update in your InDesign table. Very cool! Anne Marie Concepcion has a couple of really nice videos on how to use the table creation features in CS3. Start with “Creating and formatting tables”, then look at “Adding headers and footers to tables”, and “Placing images in tables” and “Using table styles.”

4 thoughts on “Table design workflow with InDesign and Acrobat

  1. I would like to know how exporting of XHTML/Dreamweaver attached with external CSS work will it gives the exact result of the CSS. Kindly give me an example. I have 10 pages of catlouge which have to be same on each web page with header changing the placement of txext and graphic & images are same on all 10 pages. so how do i export these pages ?

  2. I work for a manufacturing company. We have 15 years worth of PageMaker documents that used Table Editor 2.11. Now, when I open the files with InDesign CS3, they turn into TIFS, which can’t be revised. Help! I’d like to get Table Editor 2.11, so I can open the files, make the minor changes and save them back to PageMaker. My PageMaker 6.5 used Table Editor 3.0, which doesn’t work at all with PM65. Can you send me Table Editor 2.11? Please?

    Diane Salerno
    Laars Heating Systems

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