A very instructive Illustrator e-magazine


Illustrator tutorials aren’t as easy to find as Photoshop tutorials. Good Illustrator tutorials are even harder to find. Imagine my pleasure when I opened up the May issue of Illustratorworld. The tutorials I found were very nicely done. They are well illustrated–which is really important when your audience is visually-oriented. Page 16 describes how the Align Stroke function works in the Stroke palette. The illustrations say it all. You don’t really need to read to understand what they are teaching you on this page. That is important for tutorials on the web because the more visual you make it, the better it communicates to an international audience. My compliments to Todd Macadangdang and his Illustrator community.

8 thoughts on “A very instructive Illustrator e-magazine

  1. Well, perhaps that is so. Beginners need to start somewhere and sometimes established illustrators produce stuff that can be intimidating for a person just starting out. Maybe you should send them some suggestions of established illustrators to feature.

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