Overriding master pages in InDesign

My friend Mordy Golding has created a very informative video tutorial about Master Pages. You can find it on the InDesign Conference Podcast site. I like the way he describes how a master page works by comparing it to a sheet of glass with graphic elements underneath. You can see the elements but they are protected from editing. Sometimes you do want to edit those master pages and this video shows you how.

7 thoughts on “Overriding master pages in InDesign

  1. The specific challenge I have with this Master Page issue relates to Indesign CS3. My client setup a book interior in InDesign CS2 with three types of master page elements: A) on the page, B) on the page but bleeding off the page, and C) completely off the page in the “slug zone”. Since I use CS3, I can follow your tutorial steps to detach/edit the elements that actually touch the page (A and B above), but for master page elements that are slugs, I cannot access them to edit (command + shift + click) them UNLESS I override all master page items. This seems to be a problem that did not happen in CS2, but is now happening in CS3 — any idea if an update fix in in the works? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. I think you donot select slug margin from page setup. Go to document setup then create slug margins. place the slug content in slug area. Then you try it.

    Chenet @ Chenthil Kumar Veluchamy
    Adobe Certified Expert in Indesign CS2

  3. Many thanks, the vid is ingenious. Don´t now how it works in CS3, as I am still using CS2 and it works very nice. But surely I will have to switch to CS3 soon so I´ll get in the same troubles like my previous commenter does. Keep up good working and informing us, please!

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