Inspirational illustrators

I was looking through issue number 6 of Adobe Illustrator Techniques magazine and found a article on Canadian illustrator Christiane Beauregard. What beautiful illustrations! Check out her very inspirational website to see what a pro can do with Adobe Illustrator. It was nice to see a female illustrator in a typically male-dominated publication.

For different style of vector illustration, check out Pablo Lobato’s, “Lobaton” site. He specializes in caricatures and they are wonderful. My favorite caricature is the one he did of Stevie Wonder.

If you like beautiful things that come in small sizes, take a peek at Steve Buchanan’s beautifully rendered Photoshop illustrations for U.S. Postage stamps. The AIGA has his Insects and Spiders plate in their archive collection. Dig It magazine featured more of his scientific illustration stamps a few years ago in an article by Anita Jacobs. His own site is under construction right now. Let’s hope he gets it up and running so we can look at his latest stamp illustrations of vintage motorcycles. You can get a glimpse of them in the Communication Arts July 2007 Illustration Annual.

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