Lightroom or Photoshop for retouching?

We recently received this question from our feedback posts on Adobe Design Center. The person had just watched Matt Kloskowski’s excellent video, “Remove spots from an image in Photoshop Lightroom”:

How do you remove lines, like powerlines and jet contrails, and something like a piece of paper floating on the water? I can’t see how [Lightroom] works for those issues. I find Photoshop much easier to use for this function. Please comment.

My reply to him was:

Thanks for your comment. You are right, Photoshop is the correct tool for the tasks you mentioned. The Remove Spots function in Lightroom is really best for removing dust spots on an image. To do more extensive retouching, you should be using the tools in Photoshop.

For an excellent tutorial on retouching with Photoshop CS3, look at Katrin Eismann’s, “Retouching and repairing photographs”.

5 thoughts on “Lightroom or Photoshop for retouching?

  1. I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for quite sometimes to do some improvement of the photographs. But I’m still not satisfied of the outcome of it. So is there an more advance software from Adobe to

  2. Tim,
    While you’re in Lightroom, choose the menu item Photo > Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS3. That will give you the choice of opening a copy of the file either with or without the changes you’ve made in Lightroom. It also gives you the choice to open the original file instead of a copy. Hope that helps!


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