Cool Auto-Blend video for Photoshop CS3

Some of the new features in Photoshop CS3 are just plain magic. One of those incredible bits of technology is the new Auto-Blend Layers feature. It’s a great way to automatically blend two images together without having to make a perfect mask. You can learn how to use this tool from my friend Russell Brown’s latest video. He uses two different situations to demonstrate the ins and outs of this cool tool. First, he simply blends two underwater images together with fantastic instant results. The second example creates a bit of a monster, but the exercise shows some valuable techniques for using auto-blend effectively. Take a look at his Auto-blend video to learn more about it. He’s also got loads of great Photoshop CS3 content in the Tips & Techniques section of his web site. For another useful video about the Auto-blend Layers feature, take a look at John Nack’s video on Adobe’s CS3 Video Workshop.

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