Welcome to my world…

… of design, illustration, and digital imaging at Adobe Systems. I’m Luanne Seymour and I work at Adobe Systems as a senior instructional designer. I work on lots of interesting projects here at Adobe–most having to do with finding effective ways of presenting instructional content so that people can learn how to use our products. My group recently finished up a huge project related to the CS3 launch. We created the CS3 Video Workshop. It’s an online Flex application that serves up video tutorials about the CS3 products.

I’m also one of the “authors” of Adobe’s Design Center. I, along with Jen deHaan, decide on the content that appears on Design Center. This blog is part of an effort to connect with Adobe’s huge community of creative professionals. I focus on the folks who use Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, and—to an extent—Acrobat. In other words, the people who are photographers, illustrators, artists, and designers. Jen focuses on the world of Flash, Dreamweaver, and the digital video and audio products. We’d like to get instructional content from you, the community. If you have a favorite instructional tutorial or video that you’d like to share, please send a comment to this blog.

In closing, I’d like to share with you a before & after image that I recently worked on in Lightroom.

Before processing in Lightroom

Camera Raw Image as shot

After – color image

Image after processing in Lightroom

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world…

  1. Thanks for instructing, but when you show the pics,can you tell some about how you did? or the step?

    I am a new learner.. need some material about this?

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